Wartburg 311 1964

The Wartburg 311 is a 3 cylinder, 2 stroke car from the communist era DDR (East Germany). It's a reliable, comfortable, well-made and very unusual car to be seen in. The gears are mounted on the steering column.

This example is a restored car from Bulgaria and has been used in a recent high budget Cold War movie. Reliable and quirky, with a 6v electrical system, we bet there's no-one you know who has one. These cars are about the see a significant increase in value (the movie, remember.....). Check on www.eBay.de for prices and then make us a a realistic offer.

Unregistered (it's a movie car) but should be driven and shown. With papers.

Can you see the 2 Trabants, the Zaz and the (rear of) the Moskvich 407 in the background?


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