The Odd Car Company

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We scour the corners of the Earth to find iconic quirky cars that turn heads, that mark you out as an individual, that appreciate in value and rarity as time goes by. Our quirky cars are hand-picked, customs and VAT cleared and have an MOT

If you want an unusual, odd, quirky or just weird car then get in touch and tell us what floats your boat, flicks your switch and drives your car. We'll get you a set of wheels that'll turn heads and crack a smile or two.

We provide movie quriky cars for sale, for films, TV and advertising. We provided a number of quirky Eastern European Trabant, Wartburg, Moskvich & Zaporozhets (Zaz) cars to Warner Brothers for the Man From Uncle movie. See the Henry Cavill Fanpage for more information.

If you don't see the quirky car you want, just ask. If it's quirky and it exists, we'll find it for you.

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